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Apart from commercial and residential services we specialises in on site lubrication and associated services and with more than years combined experience in lubrication, we believe our knowledge and expertise can be a valuable addition to your maintenance department. Poor lubrication means more wear on expensive components, equalling more replacement.

The result of this is downtime in your manufacturing process, which costs money. A Basic Lubrication Service includes, lubrication of wear points where applicable, changing oil and filter, checking other fluid levels, as well as that of the pipe system as a whole.

Fuel transfer pump in Victoria is designed to provide the safe and simple transfer of a wide range of fluids, including difficult to handle and dangerous liquids such as acids, bases and solvents to name a few.  In turn, it allows containers for the fluid to be transferred and quickly filled into another container or disposed of without any kind of risk of spills and splashes.

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